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Udaari Episode 16 Full HD Hum TV Drama 24 July 2016


Title Screen of Hum TV's Udaari.jpg

Title Screen of Udaari
Genre Drama
Created by Momina Duraid
Developed by Kashf Foundation
MD Productions
Hum Network
Hum Interactive Department
Written by Farhat Ishtiaq
Screenplay by Farhat Ishtiaq
Directed by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin
Starring Samiya Mumtaz
Bushra Ansari
Ahsan Khan
Urwa Hocane
Farhan Saeed
Laila Zuberi
Theme music composer Sahir Ali Bagga
Sohail Haider
Opening theme Sajna Ve Sajna by
Hadiqa Kiani and Farhan Saeed
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu, Punjabi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 25
Producer(s) Momina Duraid
Location(s) Lahore Punjab, Pakistan
Sargodha Sindh, Pakistan
Camera setup Multi camera
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) Momina Duraid Productions
Kashaf Foundation
Distributor Hum TV
Original network Hum TV
Picture format 1080p HD TV
576i (SDTV)
Audio format Stereo
First shown in Pakistan
Original release 10 April – 25 September 2016

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Udaari (Urdu: اڈاری‎; lit: To fly) is a Pakistani television series that airs on Hum TV. It premiered on 10 April 2016 and is co-produced by the creative head Momina Duraid with Kashaf Productions. The show is written by Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin. Featuring an ensemble cast with Bushra Ansari, Samiya Mumtaz, Urwa Hocane, Farhan Saeed, Ahsan Khan and Hina Altaf Khan, the show is set in the village of Mirpur and urban areas of Lahore, Punjab.

Udaari has an ensemble cast with Bushra Ansari as Sheedan, Samiya Mumtaz as Sajida, Urwa Hocane as Ameera, Farhan Saeed as Arsh, Ahsan Khan as Imtiaz, and Hina Altaf Khan/Areesha as Zebo.  The show is set in the village Mirpur and Urban areas of Lahore, Punjab. Udaari premiered in Pakistan, UK, USA and UAE with same premier date and timings.

The story of the series focuses on the social and economic marginalization of citizens in Pakistani society alongside highlighting deeply rooted problems in Pakistan such as child sexual abuse, the uptake of music as a career, false police involvements and negative political supports, in order to break the myths and taboos which surround these issues by providing real solutions to serious problems.


Udaari is the story of two different worlds, the urban and the rural as well as highlighting prevalent issues in modern society, such as: child sexual abuse, corrupt politicians, corrupt police officials and the fight against the concept of referring to local musicians as ‘Doomni’ or ‘Marasi’ as insults.

The series depicts the lives of two neighnouring families in a village, and the struggle of a group of four friends living in the city, trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry. In the village, the drama focuses on two close neighbours, Sheedan (Bushra Ansari) and Sajida (Samiya Mumtaz), Sheedan is married to Maajid (Rehan Sheikh), with a daughter named Meera (Urwa Hocane) and a son named Ejaz. She and the rest of her family are local musicians, singing and entertaining people at weddings, they are shunned because of their work and looked down upon in their community. Sajida, on the other hand, is struggling to make ends meet after the death of her husband Pervaiz. She works as a maid to care for her and her 10-year-old daughter, Zebo. Meera falls in love with Illyas, who belongs to a high-class family and feels bad for her and her situation. Simultaneously, the story of four friends Arsh, Maleeha, Haris and Farwais, part of a struggling music band is introduced. The four of them are college students in the city of Lahore, who wish to forge a career for themselves in music. However, Farwa’s parents are critical and refuse to allow to perform in an upcoming competition. The band are, therefore, desperately seeking a lead singer to replace her or they will be forced to withdraw from the competiton.

Sajida is helped numerous times by her late husband’s friend Imtiaz, she eventually accepts his proposal to her, for Zebo’s sake, and marries him. The story takes a turn, when Majid dies on the wedding day. The sudden death means Imtiaz becomes closer to Sheedan’s family under the false pretence of helping them out. Imtiaz finally begins showing his true colours as he begins to pursue Meera. One day, he attempts to molest her, but Meera escapes. This causes a dispute between Sajida and Sheedan who scolds him and warns Sajida about him. Sajida refuses to believe Sheedan and supports Imtiaz, claiming Meera had actually hugged him. Sajida’s support of Imtiaz leads to a long dispute as she calls Sheedan a Doomni, in her anger, which deeply hurts Sheedan. Things become more complicated when Sheedan finds out about Meera and Illyas’s relationship. When Illyas’s mother finds out about the affair, she insults Sheedan, but then invites her to Illyas’s wedding. Illyas breaks off his relationship with Meera, due to his dislike for her family’s profession and her role in it. Meanwhile, Farwa tearfully bids adieu to her musical career due to her parents’ opposition. She moves away from Lahore, leaving behind only her song ” Sajna ve Sajna” for her band to perform in the competition. Milli and her mother Meera (who runs an NGO) visit the village for a wedding, where Milli sees Meera and records her music. The band, then visit Meera’s house and take her on as a replacement singer instead of Farwa. During Meera’s music practice sessions, Arsh begins to grow closer to her. The band successfully wins the music competition, and the entire Village is shocked with Meera’s appearance on TV. The series takes another turn, when Imtiaz’s desire begins to grow for Zebo, he rapes and then threatens her into keeping quiet about her ordeal. However Sajida later finds out and she confronts Imtiaz, who in turn molests Zebo in front of her. He then locks them up. When Zebo tries to escape, Imtiaz finds her, he then proceeds to brutally rape Zebo once again, after which he releases Sajida. With her daughter injured and in tears, Sajida loses control and stabs Imtiaz, she then flees the village with Zebo, believing Imtiaz to be dead. They go to Sheedan who despite the previous rift between herself and Sajida helps them out in their time of need. After several months, the pair finally settle down, assuming different identities as Tahira (Sajida) and Komal (Zebo). Milli and Haris have, meanwhile, gone to England to complete a music course.

After a six year leap the series depicts the lives of Sheedan, Meera, Sajida and Zebo and Ejaz and Iqbal. Sajida is depicted as working in a successful bakery, and Zebo and Ejaz have grown up and are both studying. Muneera holds a senior post in the Kashf foundation and Arsh becomes a lawyer. Arsh had proposed to Meera six years ago, but she rejected it because of his mother. Here the series takes a stand against social issues, by highlighting the issue of corrupt politicians who help gangsters for their own benefit. It also highlights, how the police S.H.O also supports these criminals for their own selfish ends and help them avoid justice. It is revealed that Imtiaz is in fact alive and his only mission is to seek revenge for Sajida’s attack. Things take a turn for the worse when he manages to track Sajida and Zebo down and turns up at their house. He openly threatens them saying that he will have Zebo gang-raped as revenge. The rest of the show depicts Sajida’s fight against all odds, and how Ejaz grows close to Zebo. The plot thickens when Imtiaz files a case against Sajida for attempted murder, and with the help of corrupt police officials, has Sajida arrested. Sajida asks Sheedan to take care of Zebo and to not let her leave the safety of their home. Sheedan seeks Meera’s help, who appoints Arsh as Sajida’s lawyer. However, Sajida chooses to remain quiet for her daughter’s honour and asks Sheedan and her family to do the same. A suspicious Arsh seeks Meera’s help and rebukes her for her silence. Eventually, Meera reveals the true reason for Sajida’s attempted murder leaving Arsh shocked. Arsh convinces Zebo to the speak truth at court and motivates her to fight for her rights. Zebo decides that she will no longer remain a victim and decides to take a stand and have Imtiaz pay for his crime. She decides to speak the truth in court and testify against him for her rape at his hands, six years ago. Zebo then reveals the truth to Muneera and Arsh. Muneera and Zebo gather Zebo’s medical report and visit the police sergeant whilst the court holds a second session. In the court’s second session, Arsh provides proof of Zebo’s rape to the court. He provides the Police complaint (FIR) against Imtiaz and most importantly Zebo’s medical report to the judge which suggests that Imtiaz had indeed raped Zebo. Imtiaz is stunned by this, but he still denies having raped Zebo and claims that he loved her like he would, his own daughter. Imtiaz uses his influence to bribe police officials and has them hide incriminating evidence, such as the knife Sajida used to attack Imtiaz. The judge admonishes the police officers involved in the case for hiding the evidence and orders Imtiaz’s immediate arrest and for all evidence relating to the case be presented to the court. The court is adjourned and a final date is set for the next hearing. Imtiaz is to remain in custody until the next court hearing, however he escapes police custody and goes to Malik Iftikhar’s house for help who hides from him and claims he has moved to the U.S.A. Meera and Muneera finally start their campaign. Malik iftikhar doesn’t want his name tied to Imtiaz and wants him arrested. Imtiaz’s driver traps him by telling him that Malik Iftikhar has arranged an airplane ticket for him to escape to Dubai. Imtiaz arrives at the farmhouse to collect his tickets, only to have the police arrest him again, his SHO friend having lied to him that Malik would meet him there to help him escape. Shortly after, Malik Iftikhar states in an interview that he will never support Imtiaz in any crime he had committed, which really shocks Imtiaz. Sajida is angry at Zebo and asks her to leave when she comes to meet her in prison. Zebo tells her that she will always fight for her rights and will not live her life as a victim, Arsh assures Sajida that he will always support Zebo.

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