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Teri Raza Episode 02 Watch Online

Teri Raza Episode 02

Tera Razaa is a beautiful story of a pious women fighting the hardships of life but yet refuse to let go of her faith in the almighty. The story deals with the life Sarwat, who is a prostitute, but is ready to answer the almighty when time comes. Sarwat easily changes the mind of most of her clients and seeing her faith in the almighty, these clients are forced to realize the mistake they are about to make. At the same time, another women named Shaista is on a mission to bring the life of prostitutes and their tough survival out in the open, and she makes up her mind to prepare a documentary on it. Her assistant, Asad admires her a great deal and is pleased to be working under her. Find out how Sarwat’s life will bring about changes in the lives of many.Teri Raza’ is a real life story of an innocent girl Sarwat, born in the center of immorality but her belief in worshiping God turns her world around. She teaches every client that a woman can’t be confined to physical pleasure and repentance is the only way back to righteous path. A client named Imran falls for her innocence, marries her and brings her home. But in this harsh world, the society and his family do not accept their marriage and causes a lot of trouble in Sarwat and Zabraan’s lives. Thus, starts a never ending struggle for Sarwat. Will Sarwat be able to prove she is innocent and pure ever or will she has to live a life full of hatred and filth?

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