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Phobia (2016) Watch Free Online

Phobia (2016) Watch Free Online

Phobia (2016) Watch Free Online

Phobia (2016) Watch Free Online

Phobia (2016 film)

Directed by Pavan Kirpalani
Produced by Viki Rajani
Written by Pavan Kirpalani
Pooja Ladha Surti
Arun Sukumar
Screenplay by Pavan Kirpalani
Pooja Ladha Surti
Arun Sukumar
Starring See below
Music by Daniel George
Background Score:
Karan Gaur[1]
Cinematography Jayakrishna Gummadi
Edited by Pooja Ladha Surti
Distributed by Pixel Digital Studios
Release dates
  • 27 May 2016
Running time
99 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Box office ₹32.5 million(US$480,000)

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Phobia is a 2016 Indian psychological thriller film, directed by Pavan Kirpalani and produced by Viki Rajani. The film stars Radhika Apte in the leading role as Mehak, an artist suffering from severe agoraphobia. Produced jointly byEros International and Next Gen Films, it released on 27 May 2016.

Development began in 2015, when Rajani signed Radhika Apte for a film to be made under his banner. Rajani worked on the script, with principal photography taking place in Mumbai. The film features music by Daniel B George. The film features one song. The lyrics for song were written by Jay Shankar Prasad. Phobia released on 27 May 2016 to positive response, with praise centered on Apte’s performance. Apart from Apte’s performance, film’s other production elements and picturisation, background score and special effect works were also praised by the critics and audiences.


Mehak (Radhika Apte) is a hugely talented artist. She meets with an unfortunate mishap that traumatises her and she develops agoraphobia, a phobia where the individual is paranoid about being in public places. Mehak’s sister Anu (Nivedita Bhattacharya) is exhausted with her eccentric behavior, especially when it starts impacting her own son.

Shaan (Satyadeep Mishra), a close friend, takes Mehak to a friend’s house, on the assumption that it might help her to live alone for a while. At the new apartment, Mehak befriends Nikki (Yashaswini Dayama), a college-going girl who lives in the neighbourhood. Her other neighbour Manu (Ankur Vikal) is working on anger management issues and is part of a community laughter club.

Manu is devastated because his girlfriend Jiah (Amrit Bagchi) left him. Jiah earlier lived in Mehak’s new apartment and disappeared without a trace. A diary belonging to Jiah stokes Mehek’s imagination, and it is only a matter of time before she is convinced that a malevolent spirit is sharing her space. Soon Mehak makes some pretty strong accusations against Manu, and what follows is a series of misfortunes.

In the end it seems like the visions she had were actually of her own future rather than Jiah’s. It is revealed that Mehak was capable of having glimpses of the future as is indicated by her seeing smoke coming out of the cab (which is actually the pepper spray that she uses on the cab driver later) and her painting showing many hands approaching to help (the climax scene of the movie when an injured Mehak overcomes her fear and goes out in the open).


  • Radhika Apte as Mehak Deo, an young in a solo exhibition featuring mixed-media works as well as interactive installations. She skillfully brings out key aspects of her character — which are feisty, irreverent, and aware of her sexuality.
  • Satyadeep Mishra as Shaan, Mehak’s friend
  • Ankur Vikal as Manu
  • Yashaswini Dayama as Nikki
  • Nivedita Bhattacharya as Anu, Mehak’s cousin. Both Shaan and Anu visit Mehak, but can’t help.
  • Amrit Bagchi as Jiah, Mehak gets shifted into Jiah’s vacant flat by Shaan, where she used to live. But Mehak’s problems multiply when she sees visions of Jiah’s murder.


Development and casting:

The film was directed by Pawan Kirpalani, and the screenplay was written by Pawan Kirpalani and Arun Sukumar. The film was made under the collaboration with Eros International and Next Gen Films.

Pre-production work on Phobia began in the last quarter of 2015 when Viki Rajani announced his plans of making a new project with debutant Pawan Kripalani. Following the success of her previous films Manjhi – The Mountain Man and AhalyaApte was contracted by Rajani to play the main character in the film. On casting Apte, Rajani commented, “Radhika has proved her acting prowess time and again with her previous films. I am sure she will be able to deliver another enthralling performance in this genre, which is also a first for me. Pawan has earlier directed this genre expertly and audiences can look forward to a taut edgy thriller.”

After casting Apte in the film, Apte said in a statement that, “I absolutely love thrillers and horrors, so I’m very happy to be doing my first film in this genre. I am particularly excited about my collaboration with Eros, Next Gen and Pawan Kriplani on our project together.”


Before the principal photography of the film began, Apte reportedly met doctors and patients to do research for her role in the film. She was in close contact with psychiatrists and neurosurgeons in order to understand the mental and biological aspect of a phobia. She met patients and observed them to understand their behavioural patterns.  Radhika said in a statement: “I’m in touch with doctors and they have shared valuable information with me about the subject. It has helped me get a deeper understanding of panic attacks.”

Principal photography commenced in October 2015 in Mumbai. Within three months of one schedule, it ended in the second half of January 2016.

Apte said that she had done lots of preparation to get to the core of the character for the film. She had a quite lot of material to read and lot of material to watch.  In an interview with Mid Day, she spoke that her parents helped her prepare for the film. She revealed that she had turned to her surgeon parents for better understanding of the particular phobia.

Before a couple of days of the release of the film, Apte shared her filming experience and said, “This is my first solo film. I was fine with the whole concept. But physically it was traumatic at times to shoot in the same closed location for long hours. The toughest part was to film the panic attack sequences. It takes a lot from your body as you have to breathe in a certain manner.”

The director, Kripalani said that he was frightened before showing the film to the censor board, but they loved it and didn’t suggest any cuts in the film. In a statement, he said, “I was really worried about how the censors will react because it is thematically an adult film. When they saw the movie, they called me in and said that they can’t cut one single thing from the movie.”


The marketing campaign was carried out by the lead actress Apte for the promotion of the film. She was seen in two shows on the small screen. The first is Girls on Top, where she revealed her biggest phobia. She was seen performing a song called “Darr” as a special guest. Radhika said, “It is extremely important for one to face their fears and live a bold life. As an actor we have to face many demons day after day and none of us want to fall in that pitfall but instead we want to fight them and continue rising.”

The second show that she was seen was in Crime Patrol. She hosted a few episodes of the show. Commenting on her anchoring experience, Radhika said, “I am quite excited as I will be hosting a show for the first time. I am extremely grateful to Anoop as he doled out handy tips on anchoring. It was considerate of him to remain present throughout the shoot to oversee how the episode was coming along. The sequence is related to my film Phobia and it will surely leave a good message for the audience.”

Soundtrack and reception.

Soundtrack album
Released 18 May 2016
Recorded 2016
Length 2:14
Label Eros Now
A 22 second sample of “Roke Na Ruke”

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The music rights of Phobia were sold to Eros Now. The soundtrack, which released on 18 May 2016, featured music composed by Daniel B George with lyrics penned by Jay Shankar Prasad.At the event, the lead actress Apte, director Kripalani and producer Rajani were present. It was a 360 degree video. The song was shot on a VR headset, and is one-of-its kind done in the history of cinema.

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. “Roke Na Ruke”

Free Download
Sakina Khan,Siddharth Basrur 2:14
Total length:

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