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Malika-e-Aliya – Episode 03 Zindagi Tv


Malika-e-Aliya – Episode 03 Zindagi Tv
Genre Family, thriller
Written by Nadia Akhtar
Directed by Syed Asim Ali
Starring Maria Wasti
Opening theme Malika-e-Aliya
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu

Malika-e-Aliya’ is a dramatic story which revolves around Aliya and her desires. Aliya is a girl with unique desire; she doesn’t have the dreams of getting married to a prince charming, as she is more concerned about how wealthy her in-laws would be. Aliya is elated when she gets married to Furqan, hailing from a wealthy family. Soon after her marriage, Aliya starts scheming, and embarks on a journey of manipulation to become the queen-matriarch of the family. Will Aliya succeed in her evil gambit?- May 11, 2016

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