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Deewana Episode 37 Full HD HUM TV Drama

Deewana (TV series)

Written by Adeel Razzaq
Directed by Ahson Talish
Opening theme Singers
Akbar Ali Khan
Beena Khan
Poetry by
Siraj Aurangabadi
Composer(s) Naveed Wajid Nashad
Original language(s) Urdu
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10 as of 09th June 2016
Executive producer(s) Moomal Shunaid
Producer(s) Moomal Entertainment
Camera setup Multi-camera setup
Running time 38:34 minutes
Productioncompany(s) Moomal Entertainment
Distributor Hum TV
Original network Hum TV
Picture format
Audio format Stereo
First shown in  Pakistan
Original release May 11, 2016
Preceded by Kisay Chahoon
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Deewana (Urdu: ديوانہ‎; lit:Attacher) is a Pakistani television drama serial which was aired on 11 May 2016 on Hum TV. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:10pm PST. It stars Waseem Abbas and his wife Saba Waseem Abbas as their debut in the role of brother-in-law and sister-in-law respectively.  It is computerized magical drama serial reflecting magicians Falak (Shehroz Sabzwari) and his mother, (Hina Khawaja Bayat).


Deewana is a story of two brothers, Subhan (Tariq Jameel) and Tabrez (Waseem Abbas). As a younger brother, Tabrez considers Subhan as his father. Subhan Qureshi is married to Shamma (Saba Hameed) and later looses his ability to talk. Tabrez is married to Abdun (Farah Shah). Subhan and Shamma have a son, Shayan and a daughter, Mehru/Mehr Sultana (Iqra Aziz). Tabrez has a son, Harris (Junaid Akhter) and a daughter, Rabia. Shayan falls in love with Rabia and marries her. One day Shayan and Rabia have a fight. Rabia expresses her dislike for Shayan. Shayan grabs his pistol, but Rabia snatches it from him. By the time the rest of the family arrives, Rabia shoots Shayan and commits suicide. This leads to a fight between the two families because Tabrez and his family think that Mehru killed Rabia. But after a court decision, Tabrez apologizes to Subhan and his wife. Shamma does not forgive him but Subhan does. Mehru and Harris like each other. Shamma decides the marriage date between them. Harris was also angry with Mehru for shooting his sister, but they forgive each other. Later they both get married. Tabrez has decided to take revenge for his daughter’s murder from Mehru so he asks Harris to leave her on their wedding night. Harris was upset that he had to betray his wife like that but he did it leaving a note from his father to Shamma telling her that they had taken their revenge. Mehru wakes up and finds the note. She runs after Harris trying find him but couldn’t. It was also raining heavily that night. While running she falls down in front of Falak’s (Shehroz Sabzwari) cycle. Mehru faints. Falak carries her to his home. There he tries to wake her up, but Falak’s mother Husn Ara(Hina Bayat) arrives and tells him to take her to her own people (humans), as both of them are jinns.Abdun’s (Farah Shah) cousin Shabnam (Fazila Qazi) lives near Mehru’s house and she sees Falak bring Mehru back and immediately informs Abdun (Farah Shah) about it. Falak once again goes to Mehrus house where he finds her depressed and somehow learns all her story. However he is fascinated by Mehru and keeps helping her out whenever Mehru needs help or is down, despite Falak’s mother expressing her unhappiness and fears about Falak’s growing attachment with Mehru.Meanwhile Falak and Husn Ara are actually hidding, Husn Ara is worried because of a jinn (Aly Khan) Who wants to marry her and who also has murdered her husband Agha Wali and became the Agha(head of the jinns tribe) himself.The fact is Falak is the one who should become the Agha after his father,Husn Ara keeps an eye on Falak from a magic mirror because she is worried that Agha would hurt him. Falak often asks her why she fears Agha and never lets him roam around the world free but Husn Ara never lets him know because if she will she knows despite looking jolly and angerless if Falak is enraged he can kill Agha or anyone who has angered him. And she does not want her son to get involved in any such thing and always teaches him to love and forgive.When Agha finds out where Falak and Husn Ara are hidding,He threatens her to come to him otherwise he will hurt Falak.Husn Ara gets worried and Falak finds a way of getting more closer to Mehru,As Mehrus family is going through crisis they decide to rent a portion of their house.Shabnam to get more involved in the families matters offers Shamma four lakhs rent for the portion with advance but Falak arrives in time and offers ten lakhs.Shamma gets confused but finally after some questions gives the portion to Falak.Gaiti Shabnams cunning and outspoken daughter falls in love with Falak.While Falak just being friendly treats her like a friend.


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