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Cyborg Cop 2 (1994) Watch Online Movie

Cyborg Cop II

Directed by: Sam Firstenberg

CastDavid Bradley

Morgan Hunter

Jill Pierce

Victor Melleney

Produced by: Danny Lerner

Music by: Bob Mithoff

Cyborg Cop II is a 1994 action adventure film starring David Bradley, Morgan Hunter, Jill Pierce and Victor Melleney. It was directed by Sam Firstenberg and written by Jon Stevens and Sam Firstenberg. It is a sequel to Cyborg Cop.

Crime boss Jesse Starkraven leads his gang in an attack on a drug den not cooperating with Starkraven’s demands; the assault quickly turns into a hostage situation when police arrive. Renegade DEA agent Jack Ryan arrives and attempts to negotiate with Starkraven, however this fails when Starkraven recognizes Ryan as the officer who killed his brother Harlan during a crime some time prior. Starkraven kills several hostages including Ryan’s partner before he is finally captured. Subsequently, Starkraven is convinced of killing a cop and sentenced to death.

While awaiting his sentence on death row, Starkraven is kidnapped by government agents under the guise of a prison transfer. He is taken into the custody of the “Anti-Terrorism Group” and converted into a cyborg alongside several other test subjects. Now dubbed “Spartacus” by the scientists, he is meant to lead the army of cyborg soldiers. Meanwhile, Ryan learns of Starkraven’s apparent escape and begins conducting an investigation to find him against the orders of his boss, Captain Salerno. He collaborates with former sheriff Sam Pickens, who is still well respected in the community even after being removed from office for looking too far into the ATG’s activity.


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