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Besharam Ep 22 – 18th October 2016 – ARY Digital Drama

Besharam Ep 22 – 18th October 2016 – ARY Digital Drama

Genre Drama
Written by Sarwat Nazir
Directed by Farooq Rind
Starring Saba Qamar
Zahid Ahmed
Atiqa Odho
Rehan Sheikh
Fia Khan
Malik Raza
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
No. of episodes 5
Producer(s) Humayun Saeed
Shehzad Nasib
Running time ~45 minutes
Production company(s) Six Sigma Plus
Original network ARY Digital
Original release 10 May 2016

Besharam is a 2016 Pakistani drama serial that premiered on May 10, 2016 on ARY Digital. It is directed by Farooq Rind and written by Sarwat Nazir. It stars Saba Qamar, Zahid Ahmed, Atiqa Odho, Rehan Sheikhand Fia Khan in pivot roles. The serial is produced by Humayun Saeed and Shehzad Nasib under their production company Six Sigma Plu


Besharam revolves around three women, Sara (Atiqa Odho), Mishal (Saba Qamar) and Sofia (Fia Khan), and apart from them the serial also has Malik Raza and Zahid Ahmed as the male figures of the story.Besharam deals with the social issues of glamor industry, upper-class family, and its struggles. Haider Bakht (Zahid Ahmed) is an aspiring politician who has aims and missions to make the country better and lives in a small house compared to Mishal with his sister and mother. Hamna is engaged with her paternal cousin Qadeer who works in a government office and has a sister Saba. Sikandar is the brother of Haider’s father who is against of Haider joining politics and wants Saba to get married to Haider but Haider refuses as he wants to focus on his career. After Haider refuses, Sikandar takes the decision of breaking the engagement of Humna and Qadeer. On the other hand, Mishal is a top model of Pakistan and because of this fact her father Tahir Malik who is a politician shoots himself after hearing her daughter’s insult from his friends. Meanwhile, Mishal gets in a relationship with a boy named Daniyal Ahmed, however Daniyal’s father (Jamal) also gets in a relationship with Mishal’s mother which ends their relationship. The next night Mishal and Haider get invited in a talk show in which they have a couple of arguments leading to their marriage as they both challenge each other live. As Mishal is a daring person, she accepts the challenge and gets married to Haider but isn’t accepted by his family. This leads to Qadeer and Humna’s end of engagement and Mishal’s mother to not look at her face again. Khadija insists Haider to leave Mishal as she is a model and can’t adjust in the family but Mishal and Haider gradually accept themselves as a couple and to give this marriage a chance.Later on, Mishal saves Saba when she’s on a photo shoot and helps Hamna in escaping from new proposals.


  • Saba Qamar as Mishal Tahir Malik (ex-super model, Tahir Malik & Sara’s daughter, Sofia’s maternal half-sister, Haider’s wife, Khadija’s daughter-in-law and Humna’s Sister In Law
  • Zahid Ahmed as Haider Bakht (Khadija’s son, Mishal’s husband, Sofia’s brother-in-law, Humna’s brother, Qadeer & Saba’s paternal cousins and Sikander & Shakira’s nephew)
  • Atiqa Odho as Sara (Mishal & Sofia’s mother, Tahir Malik’s ex-wife, Jamal’s ex-lover and Haider’s mother-in-law)
  • Rehan Sheikh as Tahir Malik (Dead) (Mishal’s father, Sara’s ex-husband, Jamal’s friend and Haider’s father-in-law)
  • Faisal Rehman as Jamal (Daniyal Ahmed’s father and ex-lover of Sara)
  • Fia Khan as Sofia (Mishal’s maternal hail-sister, Sara’s daughter and Haider’s sister-in-law)
  • Sundas Tariq as Humna (Haider’s sister, Mishal’s sister-in-law, Qadeer’s ex-fiancé, Khadija’s daughter, Saba & Qadeer’s paternal cousin and Sikander & Shakira’s niece)
  • Shaista Jabeen – Khadija (Haider & Humna’s mother, Mishal’s mother-in-law, Sikander’s sister-in-law and Qadeer & Saba’s paternal aunt)
  • Mehmood Akhtar as Sikandar (Haider & Humna’s paternal uncle, Shakira’s husband, Qadeer & Saba’s father and Khadija’s brother-in-law)
  • Farah Nadeem As Shakira (Sikander’s Wife, Qadeer And Saba’s Mother)
  • Jahanzeb Khan As Daniyal (Jamal’s Son)
  • Ghana Ali As Saba (Shakira And Sikander’s Daughter, Qadeer’s Younger Sister, Haider And Human’s Cousin)

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